Ardha Ustrasana half camel pose


yoga teacher elise hamilton

Elise’s passion for dance and movement led her to become a trained professional dancer and entertainer. Elise lived in Hong Kong and Japan for over 10 years working as a performer for the Walt Disney Company.

In 2013, Elise had a spiritual encounter with Yoga Paramgati founder Sudevi Sundari, which led her to sign up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Since then, Elise has been travelling, learning, teaching yoga, assisting in retreats and workshops around the world together with her husband Miguel Sant'ana sharing their passion and knowledge.

Yoga has helped Elise heal her physical body. She has also come to understand yoga is a complete practice for ‘whole’ self. She believes it is an essential tool for healing and living a healthy life. Elise takes a well-rounded approach to her classes assisting students in healing, balance and expansion of ‘whole’ self on and off the mat.