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"Yoga has literally saved my life" - Eva Michelle

In 2016, Eva was living a life of burnout, not knowing when to say no and working 16 hours a day. She was in the habit of eating takeaway food, sleeping poorly, and stuck in that vicious cycle. 

She made the decision to quit her job which was no longer serving her, with the expectation that she would be starting a new chapter in her life.


However, her body had other ideas. She now calls this a HEALTH AWAKENING. As she left her job, she was hit with a series of health issues and her nervous system forced her to slow down. 

Yoga was her savior. It is through yoga that she experienced profound healing. Yoga helped her increase her vitality, focus, and self-discipline. Yoga has helped her heal. 

Eva now shares her learning and experience of the healing path through her yoga classes, meditation, and sound healings.