Yoga hand posture


Leanne began dancing at the very early age of 5 years old. During those years, she was introduced to yoga and meditation practices as a way to help with the structure and focus of a full dancing and schooling life. 


After attending her first yoga retreat in Bali, Leanne felt the calling to really begin transforming her life.  Shortly after, she became a yoga & meditation teacher, co-owned and managed the opening of a new yoga studio, quit her life in the corporate world and took a deeper spiritual journey into understanding herself through her practice.


For over 20 years, Leanne has studied, practiced and embodied many yoga, meditation, self-development, energy and spiritual practices.  She is passionate about living a life of purpose and empowering others on their journey to become more consciously connected to their mind, body and soul.

leanne grothe yoga teacher

Certificates, Teachers & Training

  • Yoga Teacher Training with Power Living / Duncan Peak | 200 hours

  • Myofasical Roll + Release with Dustin Brown | 10 hours

  • Yin Yoga Training with Bernie Clarke | 50 hours

  • The Energetic Body Master Training (Chakras) with Sian Pascale | 20 hours

  • The Soulful Master Training with Sian Pascale | 25 hours

  • The Sacred Woman Training with Sian Pascale

  • Yoga Mentorship Master Training with Sian Pascale | 1 Year

  • Yin Yoga Training Modules 1, 2 & 3 with Jen Crescenzo | 45 hours

  • Restorative Yoga for Spinal Care with Gena Kenny | 12 hours

  • Yoga & Pregnancy Workshop with Cecily Chun

  • Level 1 Coaching Certificate with IECL by GrowthOps

  • Energy Mastery Certification with Sarah Tynan, Free Me Kinesiology