Li Mei Warrior 2

Li Mei Wong

Li Mei Yoga Teacher

Li Mei is a yoga teacher, mama, and Mount Waverley local. She completed her yoga teacher training in an ashram in India, and dove into further yogic studies in Bali, Toronto, Vancouver and LA. Her interest in somatic movement, dance, and trauma-informed practice led her to explore conscious breath and movement through a myriad of lenses. Using this perspective, she has facilitated yoga in schools, studios, community centres, detention centres, and festivals, and feels strongly about using yoga to create a safe space to self-regulate and explore. 

Li Mei’s relationship with yoga is a “deep and unconditional love affair.” She fell into yoga as a complementary medicine and an alternative to spinal surgery. Using yoga as rehabilitation and therapy, she followed different styles and teachers of yoga that ‘spoke’ to her body and her healing process. She believes part of her life’s purpose is to help reduce emotional stress through mindful yoga teaching. As a qualified high school teacher, she regularly uses yoga with her students to bring mindfulness to her classrooms. As a mother of a 20month old she uses yoga off the mat to feel embodied and balanced in daily tasks. 

Li Mei's teaching style focuses on fluid form, embodiment, and moving meditation. Her mandala sequences are creative and passionate, balancing powerful softness and supported gentleness.