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Liz Albanis Yoga Teacher Yoga Cave

When you finish one of Liz's classes, you are in a state of yoga bliss. Liz has incredible knowledge and weaves this with her love of yoga to create an amazing environment for yoga and for magic to happen. She enjoys sequencing her yoga classes with themes that involve yoga philosophy, benefits of yoga, meridian theory and wisdom to give her students a deeper experience.


Liz first discovered yoga in January 2011 when a good friend took her to a hot Yoga class after telling her how many calories it burned and how good she felt afterwards. Liz soon discovered there were many more benefits to yoga in the way of transformation and mental health.

The following year she ventured over to Bali to do Level 1 (200 hours) Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga Centre (BYC) as part of a career change which she had been contemplating for some time after 10 years in Public Service. She trained with the founder of BYC John Ogilvie who himself turned his life around from drug addiction to become a highly respected yoga teacher after discovering yoga during rehab. He is an inspiration to her.

It was during her first trip to Bali that she also discovered Yin Yoga which was a practice that really tested her patience and tolerance out and developed more mindfulness in her practice, not to mention opening her body and helping her recover from yang activities at the gym and Pilates. Since then, she has trained in yin yoga with Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Jo Phee, Paul Grilley and Leonie Lockwood.

Liz found out about Amy Weintraub (the founder of LifeForce Yoga and author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists) in 2012 in subsequent trainings with BYC and was inspired by her journey. When Amy toured Australia in 2016, Liz started her journey to becoming a certified Level 1 Lifeforce Yoga Practitioner. Liz travelled to the USA in 2018 to study level 2 Lifeforce Yoga (trauma specialised) and has run several Lifeforce Yoga workshops in Canberra and Melbourne focused around mental health (depression, anxiety and to aid sleep quality). Liz also studied yoga therapy with Dr Timothy McCall, a medical doctor and highly respected yoga teacher and therapist and the author of one of her favourite books (Yoga as Medicine) when he toured Australia in 2019 to run his Yoga as Medicine training.

Liz also studied restorative yoga with one of the world’s most sought after Iyengar Yoga teachers, Judith Hanson Lasater in 2014 when she toured Australia (for the last time). Most recently, to make the most of lockdown Liz completed Power Living’s 200-hour teacher training to enhance her skills in teaching vinyasa flow yoga.

Liz discovered Pilates after damaging her back and knee after a fall off one of her horses in 2003 and rehabilitating it with clinical Pilates. In 2015 she started her Pilates training with Studio Pilates while she was completing her Diploma of Fitness in 2015. Liz loves how Pilates works the important (yet neglected) postural muscles of the body to prevent or rehabilitate injuries.

These days yoga is an even bigger part of her life which includes a daily home practice that encompasses LifeForce, Yin or vinyasa Yoga.

“My goal is to help spread the word on the power of yoga to enhance your general wellbeing, particular as a part of a holistic approach to improving mental health as I have seen how yoga has helped improve my own mental health. I believe there is a style of yoga for EVERYONE!"