Autumn Foliage

Autumn Yin + Cacao Ceremony

When: Sunday, 28th March 2021

Time: 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Where: Yoga Cave Mount Waverley

Facilitator: Sherlyn Law


  • $15 for members - enter the promo code emailed to you or contact us

  • $35 for non-members

Intention of this ceremony is to create a safe space for you to release anything that no longer serves your highest self.

What to expect?

The ceremony will begin by physically preparing your body for the process of letting go with an Autumn themed Yin Yoga practice. Following that, we will cleanse your energetic and mental body with breathing practices and mantra meditation. A ritual will follow before we consume the cacao drink together. You will then be given some free time to process the cacao with light movement, meditation or journaling. We will finish off with a guided meditation and Savasana.

What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Medicine of the heart, Cacao is a plant medicine that helps us open our hearts, connect to nature and at the same time it boosts our physical bodies with antioxidants and feel-good chemical Theobromine. It is very nourishing; helps you go deeper in your meditation and when combined with Yin Yoga may allow you to tap into your subconscious mind.


At this ceremony, we will be consuming the purist form of cacao (100% cacao) sourced through fair and ethical trade. The cacao drink that we will be consuming is vegan and free from dairy, gluten and sugar.

Who is this for (+ NOT FOR)?

This ceremony is created for anyone who needs a safe space to reconnect themselves, process emotions and experiences, wants to become a part of a growing heart centred community, explore themselves and break-free from old conditioning. All gender, ages and bodies welcome. No prior yoga experience required.


This ceremony is NOT suitable if you are pregnant, taking anti-depressants, have epilepsy or any heart condition. Cacao drink is NOT recommended if you are highly allergic to caffeine, but you can choose to participate in the other parts of the event. If you are unsure, please email

What to bring?

  • Yoga mat

  • A blanket to keep you warm

  • Your favourite cup/mug

  • Journal & a pen


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