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Beginners yoga course

Beginners Yoga Course

Starting a yoga practice can be challenging. The physical challenge. The breath. The name of the postures. And the emotional ride on the mat. We hear you. That's why we are introducing

Sundays 9.30am to 10:45am 
20 March - 10 April

This course is perfect if you want to:

✅ Learn yoga in a friendly and encouraging environment
✅ Refine your alignment and yoga posture

✅ Practice in a safe way to avoid injury

✅ Have personal guidance to modify your posture to suit your body

✅ Build confidence on the mat

✅ Have a deeper understanding of the postures

This offering is open to all fitness levels. No matter what your current fitness level is, you are welcome! 

How does it work?

Join Sherlyn every Sunday, 9:30am to 10:45am for four weeks, starting on the 20 March to explore the foundations of your yoga practice. Week-by-week, we'll break down the elements of the practice, discuss basic yoga terms, and establish an understanding of alignment and technique. 

Week 1 Sunday 20 March 9:30am to 10:45am 

Flow - Deconstruction of Sun Salutations


Week 2 Sunday 27 March 9:30am to 10:45am 
Legs - Lunges & Warrior Poses

Week 3 Sunday 3 April 9:30am to 10:45am 

Spine - Forward Bends, Back Bends, & Twist 

Week 4 Sunday 10 April 9:30am to 10:45am 

Balance - Standing Balancing Poses

new to yoga

Why is this course different from public classes?

💗 Class will be limited to 10 people to ensure you have personal assistance

💗 Carefully curated to help you progressively build strength and learn yoga

💗 Comprehensive Course Manual (printed) that outlines all the postures covered 

💗 4 yoga sequences to practice in your own time

💗 Support from a fixed group of yogis who is on the same journey with you

💗 Open forum for questions

Words from our students

"I've always had a stiff body, but was introduced to yoga for the first time in Yoga Cave. It was a great experience as Sherlyn was very encouraging and gave me alternatives when my stiff body wouldn't bend the ways I hoped it would. The studio also gives a very relaxing and comforting vibe. Would recommend it to any newbies looking to try out yoga for the first time!" - Allen

"Great class for a newbie like myself! Sherlyn's instructions were very clear and concise and I could follow and keep up throughout the class. Would recommend it to everyone!" ~ Mabel 

Words from the teachers

Sherlyn Law (Lead Teacher)

Hello you! So happy that you have landed on this page, I assume you are considering starting yoga or advancing your practice? I want you to know this - I'm here to support you. 

I have been practicing yoga for over a decade. Over the years, I have had my fair share of breakthroughs as well as injuries. Yes, let me be honest here, just like any physical exercise, yoga has an inherent risk of injury. I have learned ways to practice safely myself and with my students. And I'd love to share these with you.

experience yoga teacher
yoga for back pain

Tamas Hachbold (Assistant Teacher)

I started yoga in 2016 as a way to manage my lower back pain. Within 3 months of practice, my pain was gone and my life has forever changed! I found ease in my body. Improved flexibility, and most importantly - steadiness of the mind and stress relief. 

I will be assisting Sherlyn in this beginners course. My hope is that you can learn how yoga practice can be tailored to you, just as it did for me. I don't have a super bendy body, yet I did get enormous benefits from the practice. Come give it a go! 


*Recommended* Beginners Course + 2 extra classes per week for $189

Best if you'd like to build strength and implement what you have learned 

Beginners Course only $139 

Got questions? 

We are happy to have a chat, give us a call at 0402 488 776 or email us at

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