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At Yoga Cave we offer a variety of yoga styles & mat pilates classes that are suitable from beginners to the more advanced yogis.


Breathe | Move | Meditate

This class dedicated to help you awaken your body in the morning. Each class includes breathing exercises (pranayama), mindfulness meditation, Yin yoga and Vinyasa (sun salutations) to help prepare you for upcoming activities of the day.

Suitable for all levels.


Learn | Informative | Fun

Perfect class for beginners or regular students who wish to deepen their understanding of various yoga poses (asana). The class moves at a slower pace and breaks down the key postures, giving students a deeper understanding of the alignments.

Suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced.


Dynamic | Energising | Creative

A Vinyasa style practice that emphasises on uniting mindful movements with breath. Yoga postures are sequenced in an intelligent and creative way to energise your body.


Due to the dynamic nature of this class, this class is more suitable for students who have some yoga experience or are physically active. If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend that you try our Yoga Fundamentals class before attending this.


Warming | Steady | Fluid

A slower paced Vinyasa style practice that encourages synchronicity of movement with breath. It is gently energising, while helping you to build strength and flexibility.


Suitable for all levels.


Relaxing | Calming | Nourishing

A simple, relaxing and calming practice that is deeply nourishing for those living a busy lifestyle. Yin yoga is a practice that is mainly stationary and floor based with poses held passively for a longer period of time.


Suitable for all levels.


Core | Tone | Strengthen

Mat Pilates is a full body workout performed on the floor with an emphasis on strengthening core muscles via controlled movements. It is a low impact exercise that helps builds strength, tone the muscles and burn fat.


Suitable for all levels.


Need something a bit more private?

Tailored | Focused | Personal

A tailored session created just for you based upon your needs. Perfect for beginners new to the mat, or for more seasoned practitioners who wish to deepen their practice. Sessions can incorporate vinyasa, yin yoga, breathing, mediation or life coaching. These sessions can also be a great chance to address any injuries or health related concerns.

Get in touch with us and have a chat about private classes.


Promote employee health and wellness

Fun | Relaxing | Refreshing

A qualified yoga teacher designs a fun class tailored to your teams desired outcomes. Classes often intend to relieve stress and tension while regaining focus and clarity. Sessions can incorporate yoga, mediation, mindfulness, mat pilates or even team building activities. We provide all the equipment and we can come to you or you can come to us.

Reach out to find out more about corporate classes.


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