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Our name, Yoga Cave, is inspired by ancient yogis who renounced their life and retreated to caves to deepen their yoga and spiritual practice.

Our intention is to create a contemporary Yoga Cave for you to experience the gifts of yoga in this modern world, without giving up your life and moving to the caves.

At Yoga Cave, we believe in the power of yoga. We believe that yoga helps to invigorate our body, sharpen our mind, and nourish our soul.

We are certain that with a consistent practice and as we become more mindful, the benefits of yoga will ripple through to the other aspects of our lives and positively impact the people around us. 

Hence, at Yoga Cave, we are motivated to practice for our own and other's benefit.


We are passionate about sharing yoga to all, regardless of gender, age, religion, body size and flexibility. Yes, you can join us even if you can't touch your toes!


Our friendly and professional teachers have a wealth of knowledge and are here to help you experience yoga in your own unique body. 

Here is a glimpse of our teachers:

  • Sherlyn Law Founder Yoga Cave

    Sherlyn Law

    Founder + Yoga Teacher

    + Life Coach

  • Angelyn Kua Pilates teacher

    Angelyn Kua

    Yoga + Pilates Teacher

  • Isobel Mackay Yoga Teacher

    Isobel Mackay

    Yoga Teacher

  • Lucy Moores yoga teacher

    Lucy Moores

    Yoga Teacher

  • Leanne grothe yoga instructor

    Leanne Grothe

    Yoga Teacher

  • Amber Yoga Cave Teacher

    Amber Van De Camp

    Yoga Teacher

  • Liz Albanis Yoga Cave Pilates Yoga Instructor

    Liz Albanis

    Yoga + Pilates Teacher

  • Julie Bae Yoga Teacher at Yoga Cave

    Julie Bae

    Yoga Teacher

Now that you have got to know about us, we would love to get to know you too.

Come meet us on the mat!


A sanctuary to deepen the body, mind and soul connection in the modern world.


Our yoga studio is located in the heart of Mount Waverley. We are a one minute walk from Mount Waverley train station with plenty of 2 hour parking close to the studio.

1/51 Wadham Parade, Mount Waverley VIC

Our yoga studio is now open!


1/51 Wadham Parade, Mount Waverley VIC


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