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Mount Waverley Reike

Natascha’s background is in dental, dedicating almost 20 years to the industry.  With the motivation and desire to help others, she is currently completing her Diploma of Counselling.

Fun fact! She has never met an animal that she didn’t want to cuddle! 

Natascha completed her Reiki Master Practitioner training in 2020.  This was during a season of her life where personal growth and development were necessary. Experiences called for healing on many levels including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Reiki helped immensely in all these aspects and got the ball rolling to develop in other areas.  She learned the value of meditation, journaling, mindfulness, affirmations, sound healing, and practicing gratitude.  

Reiki creates special energy, one that she wants to share with as many people as possible.  Reiki can provide such incredible positive effects on health and wellbeing. Natascha is very open to sharing how Reiki changed her life for the better.  She believes that being included in another person’s healing journey is also a beautiful privilege.

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