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Tell me one random fact about you!  

I absolutely love my cup of coffee each morning, an almond latte. Sometimes during my morning practice, the thought of coffee comes to mind and makes me smile. 


Why do you do yoga? 

Originally I came to yoga because it made me feel good. Over time, Yoga has become a way of life for me and slowly I have moved towards living spiritual practice. Each and every day I am working towards mindfully and truthfully being in the present moment. 


What or who inspired you to become a yoga teacher? 

Amber Van de Camp and I were students at the same yoga studio when Amber was doing her yoga teacher training. Amber was the person who inspired me to begin my teacher training. 

yoga teacher sinead

What can I expect from your class?

I hope to bring a calm and encouraging approach to every class that allows for a deep connection to the breath and to the heart space.  My desire is for people to trust in their intuition, and allow the wonderful and transformational healing powers of yoga to take effect in their own bodies.


What’s your favourite quote?

Try to forget anger, worry and regret. 

Live while you have life to live.

Love while you have love to give. 

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