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Do you ever float out of a yoga class and think to yourself, gosh I need more of this in my life! Maybe you’d like to ‘add’ more yoga to your day but you don’t have the time or the space, or let’s face it, the energy?

What if all you needed was yourself and a few mindful moments?

Yoga is all about our intention. It’s not only about how we practice on our mat, it’s also about how we live our lives. Living and acting with intentions that support us to become more connected to ourselves and in turn to the world around us.

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person that sees.” - B.K.S. Iyengar

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced practitioner. Yogic path of living is possible off the mat. Here are a few simple things you can do to bring more yoga into your everyday life:

1. Start your day with a pause

Pausing before you get out of bed and sensing into your energy, your body, and your breath ensures you begin the day with self-connection. You know where your starting point is and even saying “good morning” to yourself can be a really nice way to welcome yourself into the day. It’s an opportunity to be honest with yourself and to sense into any subtle niggles that may be bubbling, even before your feet touch the earth.

2. Set an intention for your day

Taking a moment to set an intention really can change the whole trajectory of your day. And you don’t have to be sitting in lotus pose on a meditation cushion to do this. Just a mindful moment in the shower, a pause as you stack the dishwasher, or perhaps make it a ritual you do before you take your first sip of coffee? It doesn’t need to be detailed or elaborate, just a simple phrase or word can be enough. Start your day with meaning and purpose by setting the agenda ahead.

Some ideas may be: - I will drink enough water today - I will make time to call a friend today

- I willingly give back to the community that has inspired me

- I make time to find peace and stillness in my day If you haven’t set one for today, why not set one now? Write it down and then you can refer back to it whenever you need.

3. Take three deep breaths

Deep breaths can be like a big, warm hug from the inside. If you find yourself getting too much in your head, feeling anxious, stressed, or disconnected, simply stop and take three deep belly breaths. This simple action does many things to support us to shift our energy. From bringing us into our bodies and the present moment to softening our muscles and stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system. That’s our body’s system that supports us to feel calmer.

Consciously breathing at any time of the day or night is a simple and accessible way to find peace and to connect back to yourself.

4. Find a moment for reflection

Whether your day went smoothly or was a challenge, try to find a moment to reflect. And by a moment it might simply be while brushing your teeth or when the ads come on during your favourite TV show, or perhaps you might start a journal and make writing your reflections a part of your daily ritual? Essentially, it’s reviewing your actions and seeing if they align with your intentions. And if so, why so? and if not, why not? It’s like feedback from yourself, to yourself. While it may not come naturally at first, reminding yourself that it’s all a practice might be just what you need to let the insights flow.

5. Be kind to yourself

At the heart of yoga is love. Sometimes the hardest person to love is ourselves. However you approach life, let love and kindness guide you.

We are all humans with different lived experiences, and this journey of life we share with others isn’t easy. Whether it’s making time for moments of reflection, or simply enjoying the time on your mat.

Be kind. To yourself, to others, and to the earth. Share love with those around you. For every time we give, we receive, and every time we receive, we give. Use your time on earth to be a conduit for love.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita

There are many ways you can bring yoga into your daily life, and you’ll probably find you already do. We’d love to hear how you go with our suggestions, and any others you’d like to share.

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